Firstly, our private label program is FREE! 

Everyone loves free stuff and this service is especially beneficial to you, your business and your brand on the whole because it allows you to promote TSX Toys as YOUR brand. Let me explain. TSX Toys offers a wide selection of over 300 different toy designs in a number of ways (suction cup, vibes of various sizes, redi-lock (for harnesses), etc.) and you can order them in over 26 stock colors and any variations thereof that we can possibly create. With this many options, you can market your products of choice to whatever target audience you like AND you can promote your brand and company at the same time. Here’s What We Need to Private Label All the Products In Your Order: 

Literally, all we need is a high resolution JPG image of your company’s logo or brand logo and we can add this logo to all of the product labels we create for the products you order. After you submit your JPG logo image the first time, we will have it on file for all future orders so that all the products you order from us are Promoting Your Business and Your Brand.